From a career in Interior Design, I now devote my creativity into producing original, abstract paintings on canvas, and also designing sculptural glass, which is often commissioned to harmonise with my paintings.

My art is inspired by the fluidity of life, and how our experiences influence us. It is this sense of seeking a balance between solitude and sociableness; change and stability; dynamic movement and calm passivity, which become the Yin and Yang energies to my work.

It is the emotional response to what I am seeing, remembering, and in particular, to what I am imagining, which connects me to the art I produce. I look beneath and beyond the representational and reinterpret it, using dynamic brushwork, expressive mark-making, texture, and colour, which is applied, layer upon layer, over time.

Whether I am working with paint, or glass, it is the creative process which continues to captivate me, and encourages me to experiment and develop my art, often in quite differing styles. It is a joyful journey.

- Karen Grimstead -